Where you are required to do duty on a rostered rest day you are entitled to:

  1. Less than fifteen days’ notice – compensation at the rate of time and one half. The choice of being paid or taking the time in lieu is an individual choice and cannot be imposed.
  2. On fifteen days’ notice or more – another rest day which should be notified to you within four days of notification of the requirement to work.
  3. The compensation will be for a minimum of four hours (except where the period worked is for less than one hour and it immediately follows a period for which you were on duty for a normal period of duty in the preceding Force day). A re-rostered rest day is subject to rest day compensation if there is a requirement to work on that day.
  4. When calculating the number of days’ notice given, disregard both the day on which the requirement was notified and the day on which you are being required to do duty. (Reg. 25 & Annex G – Police Regulations)
  5. NB For the purposes of “Due Notice” the day the notification does not count NOR does the day to be worked. The requisite notice MUST be clear days.