Where an officer is required to start earlier than his rostered tour of duty, without due notice, so that he starts on a day when he/she has already completed a tour of duty, then the time he works between the new start time and the original start time shall be reckonable as overtime, and shall be taken into account as part of that duty. Due notice means notice given at least 8 hours before the revised start time. Para 25 (2).

  1. An officer works 9am to 5pm on Monday and is scheduled to work 9am to 5pm on Tuesday. He/she is given less than 8 hours notice that he is to work 4am to 12 noon on Tuesday and in this example he was told after 8pm on the Monday. The Police Day is 6am to 6am.
  2. Therefore, the police ‘day’ on Monday starts at 6am and finishes at 6am on Tuesday. By starting at 4am he/she is beginning a shift on a day when he has already worked. He/she gets overtime from the beginning of his new shift – 4am – until 9am, which was his original rostered start time.
  3. This is claimed at a third time – as he/she is already being paid for the period 4am to 9am as it is part of his new duty for that day. Any time worked beyond 12 noon, i.e. once he/she has done an 8-hour shift (4am to 12 noon) that day, is overtime and claimed as either casual or pre-planned as appropriate.
  4. NB. In Nottinghamshire the working day is 07.00 to 07.00 many are on variable shift patterns so any calculation needs to be adjusted as required to reflect this.