• In Police Regulations the normal daily period of duty (including refreshments) is 8 hours. As far as the exigencies of duty permit the normal daily period of duty shall be performed in one tour, with an interval of 45 minutes for refreshments, except when a half-day’s annual leave is taken.
  • Police Regulations also provide for variable shift arrangements, such as the one we work in Nottinghamshire. Where an officer works in accordance with variable shift arrangement is on duty for a continuous period of 5 hours or more, time for refreshments shall as far as exigencies of duty permit be allowed as follows:
  • Number of Hours Refreshment Time:
    • Less than 6 – 30 minutes
    • 6~7 hours – 35 minutes
    • 7~8 hours – 40 minutes
    • 8~9 hours – 45 minutes
    • 9~10 hours – 50 minutes
    • 10 hours or more – 60 minutes

    A “day” means a period of 24 hours starting at 7am as determined some years ago by the Chief Constable.