The PTC are pleased to announce that we will be running an Amnesty during September and October 2021.

During these months only, Serving and Retired Officers will be able to start donating to the charity and be eligible to receive our class leading treatment without the usual 12 month wait (subject to clinical assessment and current waiting times)!

This amnesty applies to Serving and Retired Officers, PCSOs, Special Constables and Detention and Custody Officers.

The past two years have been difficult for the Police Family and we recognise that the demand for our services will only increase. The PTC at St Andrews has recently opened its new Clinical Services Wing, providing more capacity across both of our Centres. We hope that by offering this amnesty, we are able to appeal to Officers who have previously not signed up or cancelled their donations to the charity during their career.

During the amnesty months the DRCE team will be hosting virtual information sessions on Teams. We hope that Officers will be able to attend these sessions, to better understand the work of the Centres. The dates will be:

  • 07.09.2021 – 10.00am – Tour of Castlebrae, Auchterarder Centres
  • 08.09.2021 – 10.00am – Tour of St Andrews, Harrogate Centres
  • 15.09.2021 – 10.00am – Physiotherapy Information Session
  • 16.09.2021 – 10.00am – Psychological Wellbeing Information Session
  • 29.09.2021 – 10.00am – Amnesty Update and Q&A Session
  • 06.10.2021 – 10.00am – Tour of Castlebrae, Auchterarder Centres
  • 07.10.2021 – 10.00am – Tour of St Andrews, Harrogate Centres
  • 13.10.2021 – 10.00am – Physiotherapy Information Session
  • 14.10.2021 – 10.00am – Psychological Wellbeing Information Session
  • 26.10.2021 – 10.00am – Amnesty Update and Q&A Session

To book onto one of the sessions email: