Early in 2017, Dave was involved in an incident where a member of the public suffered serious, initially believed to be, life threatening, injuries. This resulted in an immediate post incident procedure late at night, which developed into a long and very intrusive investigation for Dave.

Having never been involved in such a procedure, and in shock from the incident itself, Dave arrived at HQ to find that a Federation provided solicitor and a Fed Rep were already present to look after both his welfare and legal interests.

He says, “I was given advice, reassurance and support at what was a very unpleasant time, which was of great help.”

In the following days, especially after being notified that he was now suspect in a criminal investigation, the on-going support and legal advice he received was, was “invaluable.”

Dave found counselling, support, and welfare contact with his Federation rep a real help. The federation also helped to organise some much needed respite time for Dave at the conclusion of the investigation, which found that he had no case to answer.

Dave says, “although one never likes to see deductions from the bottom of the payslip, I hate to think how things would have played out had I not been a Federation member, without my interests being taken care of.”

Dave is not this service user’s real name.

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