Jess contacted the federation during a very difficult period of her life. She was diagnosed with depression, as well as the ongoing peri-menopausal state of the menopause.

Jess was struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of complex and serious investigations her role demands, and was experiencing difficulties keeping up with complex file preparation for cases at court. She underwent a full dyslexia assessment, which highlighted some key areas where she was struggling, including reading complex documents and processing information.

This gave her some reassurance, and she says, “I fell on the federation because I’d been feeling isolated and alone”. Jess was offered a wellbeing break at the PTC in Harrogate, and together with the support she received from the team, says “it transformed my life”.

Jess accepts that on a professional level, there is a limit to how far the support of the federation can go, but it helped. She was then able to concentrate on her health and getting herself back to work.

She says, “It’s reassuring to have someone fight your corner when you are feeling so vulnerable and isolated. Lisa was very supportive and was able to speak for me when I was unable to. She remained professional at all times. I wouldn’t have an problem contacting the federation in the future”.

Jess is not this service user’s real name.

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