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Our role is to influence, negotiate, and represent our members on a local and national level, including legal advice, managing misconduct, and welfare support. Our work is underpinned by expert legal advisors, who will be with you every step of the way should you need them.

We are here to provide legal and professional representation for our members, to help protect them against malicious allegations, unfair treatment, or unfounded criticism.

Membership of the Federation provides you with a wide range of free legal and welfare advice. We can represent you at misconduct proceedings and employment tribunals, and help with a broad range of civil and criminal injury claims.

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Jen – Legal Representation and In Post Support

In December 2013 Jen was on duty, patrolling in a police vehicle during a seasonal Drink Drive campaign....

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Post Incident Procedure

4 Stages Guidance

This is the process that should be followed where as the result of Police deployment or process it has (or may have) resulted in:

  1. Death or serious injury
  2. Revealed failings in Command
  3. Caused danger to officers or the public
  4. And/or may attract critical or adverse publicity to the force
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