A Police Discipline Panel consisting of a Legally Qualified Chairperson and two supporting members determined yesterday that PC 3586 John Cross had ‘no case to answer’. The Hearing at Police Headquarters in relation to breeches in the standards of his professional behaviour, lasted four days.

In June 2018 the officer chased and arrested an offender fleeing away on a stolen motorbike. The offender accused the officer of assaulting him in a police vehicle while he was conveyed to the Bridewell.

PC Cross stated “ I was served notices and investigated criminally before finally being taken to a gross misconduct hearing, when I knew the job I love could be in jeopardy. The last 18 months have been extremely stressful, and I am forever grateful to the Nottinghamshire Police Federation for supporting me throughout. I have been a subscribing member since joining the job and never really imagined that I would require their services. I am so glad that I joined – they looked after me every step of the way.”

The Nottinghamshire Federation Chairman Mark Petrovic stated “ John is a dedicated police officer who was merely going about his job, locking up offenders and protecting the public. I must thank our legal team Tina Lancaster and Mike Rawlinson from Dac Beachcroft for their support and meticulous case presentation. I want to also put on record my personal thanks to John’s fellow Nottinghamshire Police Officers who assisted with our case. They supported John with an unwavering passion.”