"I’m afraid a 'thank you' doesn’t quite cut it"

16th August, 2018

Chair John Apter reflects on the suspected terrorist attack in Westminster and urges goverment to wake up and invest in policing.

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Blog: Government’s latest wizard wheeze to save cash

16th August, 2018

Following the Government’s pay announcement, Federation Professional Development lead Dave Bamber highlights the concerns over new apprenticeship pay.

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Cops exodus up by more than 30% - pay, morale, health to blame

15th August, 2018

Chair responds to Westminster incident

14th August, 2018

Overtime bill should be used to employ more officers

11th August, 2018

“I have £50 to last me the month”

9th August, 2018

More cash-strapped cops than ever forced to take second jobs

7th August, 2018

"It's time officers are given the recognition & remuneration they deserve"

2nd August, 2018

New chair sets out his vision for the future

31st July, 2018

New National Chair of Police Federation announced

31st July, 2018

Rising custody deaths must be ‘wake-up call for Government’

25th July, 2018