Mark Petrovic – Chairman

Tel: 07505 118658

Mark has been elected as the new Federation Chairman.

He has been a police officer with Nottinghamshire Police for over 26 years starting his career in uniform working around the City. The majority of his service has been within CID Departments including EMSOU Major Crime where he has investigated serious crimes in all five force areas.

Mark has considerable experience in criminal investigations and is our discipline lead in misconduct matters. He is also responsible for media strategy and interviews and for facilitating post incident procedures in order to provide the fullest protection to our members.

Mark actively represents the force on the National Detective Forum, liaising and interacting with officers all over the country on the latest topical issues.

Mark is married and has three daughters.

Mick Taylor – Secretary

Tel: 0115 844 5981 / 07973 560 544

Secretary since 2012.

Mick has 29 years’ service preceded by 7 years as a Special Constable. His role involves negotiating with senior management and his focus is with medical retirement, permanent disablement, grievance and misconduct processes.

Mark Davis – Federation Advisor

Tel: 07899 932897

Mark retired last October after 30 years’ service. He has a keen interest in Federation matters and was a Fed Rep for many years before retiring. Marks main focus is with medical retirement, permanent disablement, grievance and misconduct processes.

Pam Hargreaves – P.A to The General Secretary

Tel: 0115 844 5981

Pam has worked for Notts Police forever and has undertaken multiple roles from Training to PSD. She started her service as a counter clerk at Warsop Police Station and hasn’t looked back since. Pam looks after the Group Insurance administration and is PA to the Federation Secretary, Mick Taylor.

John Skelton – Vice Chair

Tel: 07534 878475

John is a response Officer based at Worksop with 9 years service, and has been a Federation Representative for 4 years. He has represented numerous Officers through UPP, UAP, misconduct, gross misconduct and criminal allegations.


Full details to be updated following the conclusion of the Federation election period. Please contact The Federation office on if you need any assistance.