On carrying a high level review of over 43,000 applications we received in relation to the Pension Group action, we noticed that we have not received applications from ill health retired officers. Many of these officers are highly likely to be eligible for the compensation claim should they wish to apply, however it looks like they may not have either been contacted or have not had access to the link to the application.

In an unfortunate event of a claim against the PFEW for discriminating against these officers, we will need to demonstrate that we’ve made every attempt possible to contact them and offer them the link to the application. Could you please therefore forward the following link using your local database/ network.

Compensation Claim Form

In order to accommodate the delayed applications, from this group and any others, we have extended the deadline for a final time to end of day, Thursday, 27th August. After this date we will not be able to accept any applications as Penningtons will start preparations for progressing the group action.

In the meantime, we will send you the details of the applications received from your respective Forces so you can validate whether  applicants are subscribing members or not.

Hope this makes sense and please do let us know if you have any questions/ require clarifications.

Kind regards,

Mukund Krishna

Police Federation of England & Wales [PFEW]