The Nottinghamshire Police Federation Chairman Mark PETROVIC held a minutes held today in memory of the many victims of Nazi atrocities committed before and during the Second World War.

Candles were lite by the HQ Remembrance plaque. Mark was joined by Rachel BARBER Nottinghamshire Deputy Chief Constable and Chris Berry from Unison union.

“It is very important that we pay our respects to the millions of victims of the Holocaust and keep their memories alive. My family has a personal connection to this event as my Aunty Zofia was held at the Auschwitz Death camp for four years. She was one of the very few that survived.  After the war she managed to build a new life in the United Kingdom, but memories of the brutalities committed by the Nazi regime remained with her up until her death in 2000. May she and all the other victims rest in peace.”   

Detective Constable Mark Petrovic