The scheme renews on September 1st so please look out for the new Scheme Brochure and Travel Insurance documents that will be published imminently. The documents will be electronic and can be saved to any device for your ease. Please refresh yourself with the benefits you have access to.

Last year we were able to offer the service without an increase in price. However this year we have had to accept a slight increase due to a number of factors and high levels of use of the legal section.

The increase has been negotiated at an additional 45p on the monthly subscription for serving and retired members.
We hope you continue to make good use of the Group Insurance scheme and recommend that you have a look at our website and register for access to the Group Insurance ‘Members Area’.

Within this section you can access all the information about the scheme, claim forms and also see the other range of benefits you are able to use that are offered by our Federation for members. These include complimentary access to White Post Farm for yourselves and up to 2 children – (please see the website for instructions on how to access this facility).

The brochures and ALL claim forms are now available on the Federation website

You will also find beneficial offers for new cars and any other offers negotiated throughout the year by the Federation office.

All offers are available to serving, retired officers and civilians so make sure you have a look.

As of September next year we are going to a paperless system within the Group Scheme. This will ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint and unnecessary admin costs which can be reinvested into the scheme for the benefit of all members.

We will keep you posted through the year with any information that we feel you may find interesting and ensure that any updates and alterations to the scheme are sent to you electronically.

Dave Keen
Scheme Manager