Sergeant Matthew DALEY and Sergeant Jody LEONARDI, attended the National Police Bravery awards held in London on Tuesday 12th October, representing Nottinghamshire Police. During the day they attended a reception hosted at 10 Downing Street for nominees from across the country, during which they met with the Home Secretary Priti Patel.

They were nominated following an incident in October 2018, after attending a fire in a former care home. Fire crews were trying to free 50 elderly adults, who were trapped in a burning block of flats but had been forced to withdraw when a gunman began threatening them.

Sgt Daley and Sgt Leonardi were the first officers on the scene. As armed officers arrived and moved through the building searching for the man, uniformed officers assisted in evacuating residents. Sgt Daley suddenly saw the suspect exiting the building.

Fearing he would fire on emergency service workers or residents, both Sergeants began to run towards him. The suspect raised the handgun and hit PS Daley over the head, but PS Leonardi struck him with his baton before both officers wrestled him to the ground.

As well as receiving a Chief Constables commendation both officers were also awarded the Queens Galanty medal for their actions.

Nottinghamshire Police Federation Secretary Tom Hill, who attend the ceremony with the officer said “At a time when Policing is again under the national spotlight, instances like this show the dangers officers face on a daily basis. The actions of Matt and Jody were courageous, utterly selfless and they displayed extreme bravery in the face of immediate danger.”

Sgt LEONARDI (L) and Sgt DALEY outside Downing Street