An angry reaction has been given to the Government following the 2% pay award, which is a 1% pensionable pay rise across the board, plus 1% as an additional amount of money this year, non-pensionable. We do not feel that non-consolidated pay awards are the way forward and have asked why the Police Remuneration Review Body recommendations to Government were ignored.

You are taking home about 15% less than you were seven years ago and claims made by the Government that you "have had a 32% pay rise since 2010" have been branded "a joke," by your national Vice Chair Calum Macleod. "It shows they have lost touch with reality, if they ever had it, and are clueless as to the demands and dangers you have to face on a daily basis to keep communities safe.

"All we are asking for is fair recognition. How can they abide by their independent pay bodies, which recommended a 13% pay rise for MPs over the last three years, but fail to abide by ours, which recommended 2% consolidated? This smacks of double standards."

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Derisory pay award is insulting to officers; national Chair asks, when is a pay rise not a pay rise?; the IPCC blames ballooning workloads for delays; more members are willing to carry firearms; Custody Seminar - custody still perceived as a punishment posting; photos from National Police Memorial Day; proud to serve - but don't do it: findings from the latest pay and morale member survey; Policing Minister: 'We're not deaf, we get it'.

Sign our petition calling for tougher sentences for those who assault you

Help us to gather support for meaningful legislative change by signing our petition. Your reps have also attended Labour and Conservative Party conferences over recent weeks, gathering MP's support for the second reading of the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Private Members' Bill on 20 October. Find out more about the progress of the Protect the Protectors campaign.

Member survey shows increased support for routine arming

These were the findings from our recent national firearms survey, our first since 2006. Just over a third (34%) of you who responded personally supported the idea of routine arming, compared to 23% in 2006, but 55.2% said you would be prepared to carry a firearm if it was decided all officers should be armed on or off duty. This was an increase from 44.6% in 2006. Our firearms lead Che Donald reflects on the findings.

Positive steps to better protect police drivers

The Home Office has annouced a review into the law and guidance around police pursuits and response driving. We have campaigned for a change in legislation around emergency response driving for seven years now, and issued fresh guidance to police drivers in June of this year. Current legislation does not recognise professional training - the very training that enables you to do your job and keep our communities safe.

PFEW nine-point stress plan launched to aid officer wellbeing

A national template has been launched to help forces better prioritise your welfare. Stress being one of the main reasons for absence, there is growing momentum to tackle the issue across the service. It is intended that the template will work in conjunction with other stakeholder projects, such as Oscar Kilo. Health and safety reps will be asking your chiefs for a strong commitment to welfare at force level to better support your wellbeing.

A national crisis in investigative policing

Crime is going up and the number of detectives is not. Some forces are desperately trying to find more by bringing back retirees or through direct entry routes. We have surveyed thousands of detectives to gather evidence as to why there is such a shortage and the impact this has on those already in the role. The findings will be revealed at the Police Federation National Detectives' Forum and Awards on 12/13 October.