Medically retired Colleagues. As a matter of urgency please follow the attached link which provides in-depth information in relation to the requirements around providing medical records and completing your ex-employers’ questionnaire.

We're really pleased to announce that our new website will be launching soon.

We'll announce when the site goes live, and hope you'll all stop by for a look and tell us what you think.

We have received a number of queries following the announcement on the 2nd October that Monarch Airways have ceased trading and entered administration.

We have been in touch with insurers and the below is advice and guidance should you receive any queries from members regarding travel cover as part of the Group Insurance Scheme.

An angry reaction has been given to the Government following the 2% pay award, which is a 1% pensionable pay rise across the board, plus 1% as an additional amount of money this year, non-pensionable. We do not feel that non-consolidated pay awards are the way forward and have asked why the Police Remuneration Review Body recommendations to Government were ignored.